Treasure Hunt 1 – 11am 10th Oct 2015

Right everyone, eyes down looking, here are the clues for Treasure Hunt 1. The clues below all relate to places from the High St to the Church – they are all connected to the Fashion Show in some way – even the final destination. Collect a word from each of them and the first person who works out where the tickets are and goes to that place, will win!  Good luck……

  1. Two Ms, Two Ls, Two Is – this store isn’t physically on the street but they are in cyber space.  Check out their ‘events’
  2. Larger than a wardrobe with the same storage purpose
  3. Nothing more annoying than a missing piece
  4. A fad before nine
  5. Cherry and Simone are namesakes of this store
  6. Beauty, Bikinis and Beaches in this capital store
  7. You can get on the property version of this here at our supporters’ place, far better than having one in your tights!

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