Treasure Hunt 2 – 1pm 10th Oct 2015

If you missed the first Treasure Hunt this morning or you live on the other side of Barnes, do not despair as it is time for Treasure Hunt 2. The clues below all relate to places on White Hart Lane – they are all connected to the Fashion Show in some way – even the final destination. Collect a word from each of them and the first person who works out where the tickets are and goes to that place, will win!  Good luck……

  1. Harpers know all about this modern day market place
  2. Lots to say in this store
  3. Three times the amount of clothing & accessories from a footwear shaped country
  4. Go to the regal beat
  5. Not a place for false dislike
  6. Get on the right side of the tracks with this stellar name ending

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